The International Coalition is open to independent organisations only. Individuals cannot be a member of the coalition if they do not represent and institution or organisation.

Other entities, such as high-level individuals, UNICEF, etc. can be supporters of the International Coalition. For more information, please contact the Steering Committee at

Advantages of becoming a member:

Organisations which join the coalition will receive updates on the coalition’s work, proposed activities, tools and publications and any other relevant information collected by the Steering Committee, such as upcoming events linked to the ratification campaign, best practices and lessons learnt.

What is expected from the International Coalition members?

As a member of the International Coalition, you are expected to:

  1. Respect the principles and spirit of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the mission and objectives of the International Coalition;
  2. Encourage other NGOs or networks that fit the criteria from your country/region or within your network to become members of the International Coalition and become engaged in the ratification campaign;
  3. Be informed about the OP3CRC and disseminate information and tools about it;
  4. Share ideas on how best to achieve the International Coalition’s goals;
  5. Integrate the work for the ratification of the OP3CRC as a priority in your organisation’s activities;
  6. Be active in the national process of your own country for the ratification of the OP3CRC.

The time invested for the International Coalition work will be decided by each organisation. There is no membership fee.

Members can decide to leave the International Coalition at all times by contacting us at

Membership can be terminated upon decision of the Steering Committee of the International Coalition if a member has taken actions which are contrary to the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child or to the mission and objectives of the International Coalition.

Process for joining the International Coalition:

To become a member of the International Coalition, your organisation or network should fill in our membership form and sign a short statement of commitment. If you are an international organisation or a network, we encourage all your offices to also apply separately in order to ensure that all are included and receive first-hand information about the OP3CRC.

If your organisation has been invited to join by a member of the Steering Committee, please indicate so in the form. You will automatically join the Coalition upon receipt of your signed membership form.

If your organisation has not been invited to join, the co-Chairs of the Steering Committee will review and approve your signed membership form. Requests that arouse any suspicion about the identity or motives of the applicant will be referred to the Steering Committee for decision. The Steering Committee can decide to request the statutes of the applicant’s organisation, if relevant.