About - Ratify OP3CRC

The International Coalition

Ratify OP3CRC – International Coalition for the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a Communications Procedure (OPCRC) (thereafter “the International Coalition”) is a coalition of international, regional and national non-governmental organisations and networks, human rights institutions and other non-governmental bodies which are committed to achieve rapid ratification and entry into force of the OPCRC on a Communications Procedure (OP3CRC).

Our mission is to:

1. Raise awareness about the OP3CRC,

2. Disseminate information, tools and ideas to enable interested partners to engage in the ratification campaign, and

3. Pursue the rapid entry into force of the OP3CRC.

We replace NGO Working Group that coordinated the international campaign for the drafting and adoption of the OP3CRC, under Child Rights Connect (then the NGO Group for the CRC), based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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