On 13 September 2013, Albania, Bolivia, Germany, Spain and Thailand, States parties to OP3 CRC, took the lead to encourage all States to ratify OP3 CRC.

A joint statement was delivered by Albania on behalf of five States parties to OP3 CRC during the General Debate of the 24th session of the Human Rights Council.

Albania, Bolivia, Germany, Spain and Thailand recalled that “for rights to have meaning, they must be supported by effective remedies when violations do occur, including at an international level”, and that with OP3 CRC, “the international community has established an international redress-mechanism for individual children once all domestic remedies have been exhausted”.

States were urged  to “demonstrate their strong political will and take decisive action to uphold the rights of children” and to submit their ratification during the UN Treaty Event, to be held in New York on 24-26 September and on 30 September and 1 October, or by the end of the year.

Check the video of the delivery of the statement here (chapter 10 of the video).